The experts we have hosted


Joke Elbers, theatrical critic of Amsterdam (NL), theatrical expert and reporter of Teatreducation festival around the world, after last year experience returned to Gerione, an exhibition which, according to the Dutch critic, has the basis to become a major international event.


Giacomo Verde, professor of the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata, father of the video narration , who this year, inspired by the theme of this edition - Just a click? Communicating today at 360 ° - proposed, to the boys of the Gerione (juries, institutes of Campagna and schools hosted during the Exhibition), a laboratory on the potentiality that each of us has with a technological tool, entitled "We are all Super Heroes".


Father Tadeusz Lewicki, professor at the Pontifical University of the Salesians in Rome, trainer and great friend of the Gerion.


Jolanta Vilkeviciute, professor at the University of Vilnius (LT) who came in Campagna from 18 th to 25 th of November to learn about the territory, the institutions, the activities of the Teatro dei Dioscuri and to plan future joint initiatives.