The International Exhibition of Educational Theater "Il Gerione" is supported by a Program Agreement signed by 6 Parties:

  • PRO LOCO of Campagna .

The Exhibition , created by the Association Teatro dei Dioscuri and strongly desired by the Municipal Administration of Campagna, was born as an annual event, in which are presented performances produced by the School and other Agencies that pursue educational theatre purposes; there are also a lot of moments of cultural exchange on the problems of the Educational Theatre.


"Il Gerione" has two big goals:

  • to affirm the principles of the Educational Theatre, with a series of activities (shows, debates with juries of students, workshops, training courses);
  • to become one of the Great Events of the Town Of Campagna and of the territory, for the revival of the cultural, artistic and tourist image at national and international level.


It is divided into a series of activities:

  • representation and vision of shows made by schools and extra-curricular laboratories;
  • active participation in theatrical workshops by operators, teachers and young people;
  • attend conferences, seminars and moments of discussion on the Educational Theatre;
  • guided tours (historical, anthropological, environmental and about food and wine ) of the town.


Can participate to the Exhibition :

  • schools of all levels, which present performances staged by pupils and teachers, with the possible collaboration of theatre operators;
  • extra-curricular laboratories that pursue educational theatre purposes, with the presence within the show of maximum 2 adult operators.

Participants are required to attend the territory for at least 2 days and to participate in the various activities.

A theme is planned every year. The shows must be performed during the school year and it must not exceed the duration of the 45 '.


The Exhibition includes the following awards, given by juries made up of students, teachers and operators of schools of the various orders and kind of the Town and of the Municipalities of the provincial territory:


English Award "Gerione" for the  Primary School;

  • "Gerione" Award for the first level of the Secondary School;
  • "Gerione" Award for the 2nd level of the Secondary School ;
  • "Gerione" Award - Special Section for the shows produced in the Municipality of Campagna;
  • "Gerione" Award - Special Section in Foreign Languages (English, French, Spanish, German); the texts may also be partially in Italian, even though the foreign language should be prevalent;
  • "a Return Ticket" Award, given to the winners to be admitted without selection to the 16th Exhibition ;
  • "Unicef" Award, assigned by the Exhibition Committee to the show which, keeping in line with the theme of the year, deals in particular with the rights of children and adolescents;
  • other Special Reports (special attention will be given to self-produced texts and to the use of different theatrical languages in the show)



International participations

- KOD Theater (Debno - Poland 2009);

- Zpatéčnici Company (Prague - Czech Republic 2013 - 2016);

- Percuseve Association (Alhama De Murcia - Spain 2015);

- Kuk Klub Umeleckych Katastrof (Prague - Czech Republic, Teatra Studija "Joriks" (Rezekne - Latvia), Plunges Kulturos Center Vaiku ir jaunimo Teatras Saula (Plunge - Lithuania) (Erasmus Plus 2017);

- Teatra Studija "Joriks" (Rezekne - Latvia), Kuk Klub Umeleckych Katastrof (Prague - Czech Republic), Theater 11 (Bremen - Germany), Symfonia Mlodosci (Szczecin - Poland) (Erasmus Plus 2018);

- Scientific High School "E. Fermi "(Madrid - Spain 2018).